What to Do After Ballet Class

” Ballet class after care often gets overlooked.  When you’ve completed your class, you feel you’ve achieved a lot.  You want to celebrate.

But, you must take care of your body – it’s just been put through a great deal.

There are just a few things that you need to be aware of that can greatly help you to recover from ballet class and can make that high you feel after your class last as long as possible!

So here are the best ballet class after care tips for keeping your body in top shape.

Cool Down Exercises

This is where  after care becomes an after thought…

You will find that most ballet classes involve a warm up session to begin with.

But increasing numbers of classes don’t have a cool down session at the end.

If your class includes a cool down, all well and good. But if it doesn’t and you get bad cramping and stiffness, then perhaps you should investigate doing a little bit of an impromptu cool down in the changing rooms before you leave the studio.

Ballet Class After Care for your Feet 

This is a bit of an etiquette thing as well as common sense…

Don’t walk home from your class in the shoes you’ve danced your lesson in.

Your feet are going to be hot and sweaty, so your dancing shoes need to be aired and you’ll feel the benefit of putting on a different pair of shoes that are cooler than the ones you’ve danced your class in.

Also, dance studio floors should be respected – don’t just walk in off the street and dance on them without changing your shoes.

Keep you dancing shoes for dancing only – change into them when you arrive for your class and out of them at the end.

Feeling The Heat?

Wrap up warm as soon as you have finished dancing.

Tempting though it may be to walk home in your tee-shirt because you feel so hot, you’ll give yourself cramp and probably a cold.

Put on that jogging suit and get yourself to a hot shower asap.

Taking a few thin layers of clothing to a class is always a good idea, that way you can always put on or take off clothes to adjust your temperature.

Also, pinning your hair up can help as it keeps your hair off the back of your neck, and therefore helps to cool you down slightly.


The main key to good dance class after care is very simple; drink lots of plain water during and after your lesson.

For more vigorous classes, aim to drink at least a pint during and a pint soon after the class.

Yes, that sounds like a lot, but don’t underestimate just how hard your body is working.

You need to replace those lost fluids to prevent dehydration.

Even mild dehydration can give you a bit of a headache and make you feel lethargic, so keep drinking that water.

And we do mean water.

Avoid cola until you’re sure your body has fully recovered from your dance class.

Just stick to plenty of fluids such as plain water, pure fruit juice or fruit and herbal teas.

If your ballet class after care regime doesn’t contain anything else, make sure it’s this one tip you follow and keep your fluid levels up.”

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Sourced from DanceClass.com