Have you ever wanted to learn classical ballet?  Dancing with Elizabeth is a classical ballet video ballet training series presented by The Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet (PASCB) located in San Antonio Texas. In this episode of Dancing with Elizabeth, we demonstrate 3rd Position of the arms.  These video classical ballet lessons explain ballet steps and positions as requested by our viewers.

Third position: arms are curved as in first position and raised just above and slightly forward of the head.

Here are some good tips you can try to think about when doing the basic positions of the arms in ballet class or in a performance.

  • Any time one, or both, of your arms are above your head, try not to lift your shoulders.
  • Try not to be too tense or too relaxed in your hands. They should be just as nicely placed as your arms.
  • Practice facing the mirror while standing in a relaxed position. This will allow you to focus completely on your upper body without having to worry about your legs and their position.

Mastering the basic positions of the arms in ballet takes many years. Even if you feel you’ve got a good grasp, there is always room for improvement, and that is the beauty of ballet technique. It is quite impossible to perfect, but over time with proper practice, you can really become quite polished. The great thing about working on arms in ballet is that it isn’t as dependent on age or athleticism. You can still work on moving your arms with grace and confidence, one of the most notable parts of ballet, no matter your age.

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