Dancing with Elizabeth is a weekly video series presented by The Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet (PASCB) located in San Antonio Texas.  These video ballet lessons explain ballet steps as requested by our viewers.  In this episode of San Antonio Ballet Lessons Dancing with Elizabeth, we demonstrate Bouree

bourrée [boo-rey; French boo-rey]  noun, plural bourrées [boo-reyz; French boo-rey]

1. In ballet, small, quick, even steps, usually done on pointe, that give the impression of gliding across the floor

Origin of bourrée 1700-1710 < French: literally, bundle of brushwood, orig., the twigs with which the bundle was stuffed (the dance may once have been done around brushwood bonfires); noun use of past participle (feminine) of bourrer to stuff, fill, verbal derivative of bourre hair, fluff

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