“Whether the goal is losing or maintaining a healthy weight, dancers are concerned about their silhouette and their nutrition.

A reader asks:

“I eat very well, everything’s healthy and not much candies, but I want to know your opinion. What is proper for a dancer? Any diet and nutrition that will help me both lose kilos or maintain my silhouette? I don’t mean an exhaustive diet, I just mean what to eat or not etc..

Losing Weight
If you take several dance classes per week and find you are still struggling to maintain an appropriate, healthy weight for your height and age, it is important to talk with your doctor or other health professional before taking steps to lose weight (see the Food and Nutrition Information Center for more on weight management).

While some swear that there are secrets to how or when you eat, in the end it still all comes down to mathematics. To lose, what you put in has to be less than what you burn. And to maintain, requires balanced nutrition. In either circumstance, an intake of quality nutrients is important, as is keeping an eye on portion size. Different methods of change (I’m avoiding the word diet because to me this word does not imply lasting lifestyle change) work for different people – some find it best to completely avoid certain foods. Others prefer to replace the ingredients of foods they love with healthier alternatives. Sometimes a bit of trial and error is necessary to determine what works best for each individual. Also, don’t forget the mind and emotions can often play a big role in supporting or sabotaging one’s healthy intentions.” Click here to read more

Source: www.danceadvantage.net