b56c4d18-583c-4d26-bba9-5108964057b5.jpg“Here are some great tips for improving pirouettes. Take a look at each one and try to apply these corrections the next time you’re doing a pirouette combination in ballet class. These tips assume you already have a general understanding of how to do a en dehors pirouette in retiré.  These pirouette tips aren’t just for en dehors and can be used for almost any type of pirouette!

Before you begin, make sure you understand what a pirouette is in its basic form. It’s a turn, in a position, around an axis that you create with your body. For the turn to continue around multiple times on your axis, much like spinning a coin on a table, your body must stay aligned.


The moment you lose your alignment and distort your body’s position, you will likely lose your balance, just as a coin begins to wobble when it loses its axis. Much of the tips below touch on the importance of alignment and maintaining a position while you turn. If you watch a dancer doing beautifully clean, multiple pirouettes, you will also see superb alignment and position.

You’ll notice there are a fair amount of tips listed here. Try not to overwhelm yourself by trying to apply them all at once tomorrow and expecting them to work perfectly. Read them all, but try to apply one or two at a time until that specific tip becomes second nature. You’ll then be able to revisit these pirouette tips and apply more as you improve. Let’s take a look at some tips for better pirouettes!” Click here to read more

Source: ballethub.com