ballet-core-fitness-pascbYour core is your center of gravity and all movement begins there, according to Dr. Robert Donatelli in a short article for SportsMD website. The core stabilizes the legs and mobilizes bones, permitting motion.

A ballet dancer needs strong core muscles to perform lifts, support the upper body during leaps and facilitate elegant stretching and bending during a dance routine. Ballet professional dancers likewise require considerable flexibility and considerable range of activity, especially in the back, hips and ankles.

Core Muscles

Core muscles consist of all the muscles in your trunk and hips. Amongst these muscles are the transverse abdominis, obliques, erector spinae and gluteal muscles. Core exercises reinforce these muscles as well as a number of others in the shoulders, abdominal areas, hips and buttocks.


Most sports and workouts in general need strong core muscles, according to the Mayo Clinic’s site, and ballet is no exception.  A weak core lead to bad posture and enhances the risk of falls, lower pain in the back and muscle injuries.”  Click here to read more.