I Want To Learn Ballet

Dancing is an art through which one can liberally express the heartfelt emotions and let out the grudges of the inner turmoil. This form of countenance is not limited to only those who know how to go about with the steps. In fact, anyone and everyone can sway in the rhythm in their own melodies expressing themselves in a number of steps and strokes. One such dance form, which has been there for quite some time is Ballet. Evolving over the centuries, with its elegant flips, dips and splits ballet has been one of the most polished and complex dance forms, which entails great technique.

With its sparkly tutus to fancy leotards, Ballet seems to a nonprofessional a novelty expressed on stage. At least that is what I thought when I had my first encounter with a Ballet performance. Ballet dancers make it look effortless as they move across the stage. From the lifts to the toe points, many wonder how they can do it.

Apart from this curiosity and of course the pretty dresses what attracted me to pursue this art were the following words of a dear friend “…when out there performing on the stage Ballet gives my body a mind of its own. Every move every split lets out a positive vibe, filling me with contentment… it’s just me and the stage… the world is forgotten so is its glitches… a perfect symphony is fashioned.”  In addition, here on began a beautiful journey, full of stumbles and soars, refining me into a person I am today.

Over the years, Ballet has managed to teach and reform me, not only as an artist but also as a person. Challenging me tangibly and cognitively, it has made the learning process, an otherwise mundane task, into a delightful endeavor. It taught me what working hard actually means. Ballet performances are magical, with the performers floating in the air, doing seemingly impossible moves flawlessly. All this perfection requires extreme diligence and body synchronization.

Ballet has enabled me to appreciate art, to read the delicacies and symbolism in other forms of art. As an art itself, it discerns forms and representations to express and re-enact life, nature, and stories, making one look at life from a completely new perspective.

None can deny that every field/profession requires some level of discipline to be observed. Well in Ballet, discipline is a focal point around which the entire performance revolves. From that perfect made hair bun to properly tied shoes, every little aspect of ballerina demands discipline. Every practice and performance at the barre demanded the utmost level of commitment and concentration. In addition, despite the mini accidents, the little falls, missing of steps, Ballet has instilled in me the aforementioned traits.

So far many of you might see Ballet as some strict tasking form of art, from the way I put it, trust me it is anything but. Yes, you need devotion and passion to pursue it and it demands your undivided attention, but at the end of the day, it is a perfect escape. At least for me, it is. An enchanting escape, freeing me from the worries of the day, those few hours of dancing, letting my body follow the desired pattern helps clear the mind and take on problems positively.

What do you need to learn ballet?

My thoughts above must have rung some bells and pulled certain cords of your heart. Ballet does that to you! However, what do you need to learn this art form? Many people would think there are certain limits to learning this dance. However, the only limit s you are thought. You do need a good teacher and an institute to help you materialize your dream of learning ballet. There are a number of places that you can learn this dance. However, not everyone can devote themselves to teaching students from the very beginning.

The Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet is an extraordinary place to learn this form of dance. Age is no limit when it comes to passion. The institute has professional teachers who are committed to perfecting every move of yours. Whether it is your child or you, yourself, who wants to learn this dance. The skilled teachers at this institute help you from the very start, correct your maneuvers and instills the basic elements of ballet within your soul. Learning ballet is not very difficult but it does need commitment, commitment from the student as well as the teacher.