By Stephanie Merry

“Here’s a simple truth for all the skeptics, the people who have never watched a ballet and have no intention to, or those who went to “The Nutcracker” once and checked it off their list of things to never do again:

Ballet is more than layers of tulle and satin shoes. It’s ripples of muscle, explosive athleticism and inexplicably moving stories.

Ballet is “like the English language, which can be used by Shakespeare and by Emily Dickinson and by Ernest Hemingway, but also by MAD Magazine and ‘Family Guy,’ ” says Washington Ballet artistic director Septime Webre. “It’s very pliable.”

If you’re still not swayed, there are at least four chances in the coming weeks to be convinced. American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet and Russian National Ballet Theatre are all coming to town. And our acclaimed resident company, the Washington Ballet, also takes the stage, bringing back an old favorite and presenting a world premiere.

So step away from the stereotypes and read on for solid evidence of why the common misconceptions about ballet are bunk.”

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Sourced from: The Washington Post