Dancing with Elizabeth is a video ballet class presented by The Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet (PASCB) located in San Antonio Texas.  In today’s ballet class we demonsrate Faille.

How to Say & Pronounce Failli – fai-yee

What does Failli Translate to? – Giving way

To almost fall. Support body on one leg and lean so you are almost falling over, thenpass the other leg in a direction so you can stop the fall.

Failli is a classical ballet term describing a step where the dancer seems to degage each leg to the front immediately after the other with a small jump. A failli is usually done as a preperation step for jumps and is considered an in-between step.

Because of the nature of a failli, it helps a dancer gain more ballon for a jump, giving them a good rhythm to really take off from the floor.

San Antonio Video Ballet Class

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