studio_05“If your pique’ turns are “off”, go through this checklist for a quick fix.  Check these ideas out one at a time, fixing any errors you catch.

1.  Check your body placement as you go into your pique’.  Your upper body should lead slightly forward into the turn.  Don’t lean back!  Compressing your stomach muscles firmly will help to keep your body straight as you go into your pique.  When I turn, I imagine that my stomach is like a star, and it is contracting as if becoming a “black hole”

2.  Check your step up into your pique’. Are you pushing strongly off your supporting leg?  Don’t “climb up” into your turn.  Spring into your turn, almost as if you  are going into a small jump.

3.  Check your leading arm. Are you flinging it out?  Some dancers don’t move their leading arm at all – they just leave it in first position.  That’s fine!  It’s also okay to open it a little as you go into your turn, but don’t “throw” it out.

4.  Check your following arm.  Are you leaving it behind?  Bring your following firmly into first as soon as you start into your turn.  Don’t fling it.  Just press it into first as if someone is behind you, pushing your arm and shoulder around.  Keep your following arm pressing forward and around during the turn as well.  It gives you a lot of power and control.

5. Once you are turning, check your placement again.  Keep your stomach muscles compressed.  (remember the “black hole”)  If you arch your back now, you’ll lose your momentum.  Your turn will wobble.  If you keep your body and your arms in position throughout your pique’ turn, you will spin easily on your axis.

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