Pre Ballet

(ages 3-5) creative movement, elementary and preparatory ballet movements, loco-motor skills and social interaction, special attention on imagination and use of creativity per each child. Are expected to to listen and learn how to take instruction. 1x per week, 45 minute class.



(ages 5-7) Early ballet fundamentals; placement of body, creative movement, loco-motor skills. Correct posture is emphasized, and a more structured class is expected of the student, gradual awareness of verbal correction to the student's posture, however the class still has an amount of freedom of expression. 1x per week, 45 minute class.


Level I

(ages 7-9) The students are older are more experienced and ready to be introduced to more intensive and structured exercises. Introduction to the Barre starts at this Level. Classes are still kept brief and allow many of the freedoms and creativity mentioned above. 1x per week, 45 minute/ I hour class.


Level IIA

(ages 8 and up) Class time lengthens to one hour, and attendance two times per week is required. This bi-weekly regimen is necessary for proper advancement, since more structured classical ballet technique is introduced, and consistent reinforcement is needed to develop the body and the steps already learned. Pre pointe work is started. And coordination


Level IIB

(ages 11 and up) Wearing pointe ("toe shoes") is offered to the student who is deemed qualified by the teacher. Criteria include an awareness of proper body placement and the ability to maintain that placement; sufficient strength in the back, legs and ankles; proper arch in the foot; knowledge of basic ballet steps; and an



Lyrical is the fusion of Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance. It can include some acrobatic elements and is centered around showing emotion through movement and music.